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Packaging that sells
Production of branded corrugated cardboard packaging for fruits, berries and vegetables
We know everything about packing fruits and vegetables
The advantages of our company
Premium quality
Quality guarantee 8000 km
Branded packaging with full color printing
Free packaging design mockup
Free development of the packaging construct
Delivery all over Ukraine
Individual approach to each client
Professional advice and assistance in choosing packaging
High quality packaging material (cellulose)
Fast order fulfillment from 2 weeks
Countries - geography of deliveries in our packaging
Types of packaging introduced on the Ukrainian market
Fresh market operators use our packaging
Km - successful delivery of apples to Mongolia in our packaging
Years on the market
Days of successful delivery of apples in a sea container
We work 7 days a week
The advantages of our products
Branded packaging
High physical and mechanical properties
Bright packaging that sells
High reliability (preserves the quality of goods during transportation)
Environmentally friendly
Moisture resistant
Frost resistant
Resistant to foreign odors
High strength
Practical for transportation and subsequent use
Specialized in an individual group of goods
Time-tested quality
Our cases
Reliable and guaranteed.
Exclusive and unique.
Blueberry tray
Customer of SVC "Berries", TM "Bigblue".
Packaging for apples, 13kg
TM “AXOY LUX”, Customer “FromU2S”, Sweden
Packaging for apples, 13kg
TM "LUKA", Customer "Agrana Fruit Luka", s.Lukа-Meleshkovskaya, Vinnitsa region
Packaging for apples, 13kg
TM “AXOY”, Customer “FromU2S”, Sweden.
Packing for grapes, 6 kg
PE Mustafaev A.B., Kakhovka, Kherson region.
Packaging for asparagus, 5kg
"Agrofocus", s.Lyubimovka, Kherson region
Tray «blueberry», 5,0kg
Tray «blueberry», 2,0kg
TM "BlueBerry"
Tray «apple», 13,0kg
TM "Oh My Garden"
Tray «berry», 2,25kg
ТМ "PAPA`S berries"
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May 28, 2020
Berry Tray, 600x400x100mm
June 13, 2020
Watermelon Container, 1200x800x800mm
July 2, 2020
Blueberry tray, 1200х800х800
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